• 30/10/2021
  • Press Release

How STADA PH helps Filipinos maintain healthier immunity every day amid pandemic

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Through the years, STADA Philippines has been making sure to provide Filipinos only the best available pharmaceutical products.

"Philippines is a key contributor in the emerging market and we see a big potential for growth in the years to come," said Carsten Cron, EVP for Emerging Markets of STADA.

Despite the challenges brought by the health crisis, STADA Philippines is not showing signs of slowing down with its acquisition of FERN-C last February 2020, at a time when health immunity has become very much important with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"STADA's acquisition was on point! Just right before the pandemic last year, we were able to acquire FERN-C from the prior owners. It was part of the strategy to accelerate the presence of STADA in the consumer health industry," STADA Philippines General Manager Sharmaine Abarientos said.

Launched in 2003, FERN-C is the first sodium ascorbate in the Philippines and is the #1 non-acidic vitamin C in the country in the Vitamin C plain Category as of June IQVIA data 2021.

One of FERN-C's edge among its competitors is it is better tolerated in the stomach, thanks to its Sodium Ascorbate formulation, thus it can be consumed even if you haven't eaten anything. It has the effect of vitamin C without the acidic feel.

Abarientos emphasized that the quality of FERN-C is "unsurpassed" given that the sodium ascorbate formula in every capsule is manufactured by DSM Switzerland, a European vitamin C manufacturer that offers premium preparations of all vitamin C forms.

"As with all vitamin C supplements, FERN-C helps boost the immune system, thus improving your resistance against viral and bacterial infections... FERN-C also promotes healthy gums, teeth, bones, and skin for better overall health. The DSM Quali-C seal stands for FERN-C's world-class quality, traceability, and supply reliability, thus ensuring you of the product's safety and efficacy," she added.

To further strengthen its commitment to take care of every Filipino's health, STADA Philippines also launched FERN-C Plus (Ascorbic Acid + Zinc) that will provide consumers more nutrients they need to maintain a healthy immunity against health threats around them.

"STADA believes in the need to cater products to suit every Filipino... Filipinos who are exposed to stressful environment are more susceptible to sickness and infection. Hence, FERN-C plus Zinc will complement their needs to support their daily activities," Abarientos explained.

"The launching of FERN-C plus Zinc will play an important role in providing the specific need of the Filipinos who needs added protection," she added.

For those who are busy juggling with work and personal matters, FERN-C Plus (Ascorbic Acid + Zinc) is the ideal vitamin C for them since it is also non-acidic and can be taken on an empty stomach.

It provides 2x its Zinc levels versus the Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake, making it ideal for people who live in a high stressful environment to boost their immunity and protection.

Part of making sure they provide the best medicine is by making sure consumers are able to access these easily.

Aside from your usual drug stores, FERN-C products are also now available online through STADA's Shopee and Lazada stores where special discounts are offered.

Face the truth, you need to learn how to live with the coronavirus. The only way you can protect yourself is by boosting your immune system, and STADA Philippines — and FERN-C — are here to help you with that.

"Having a high resistance lifestyle is a must. Taking FERN-C plus Zinc every day coupled with regular exercise and diet will give you the immunity boost to prevent sickness and infection," Abarientos said.

"FERN-C is a heritage brand in the Philippines, and we will continue to accelerate the growth and expand the portfolio to cater to the needs of Filipinos," she added.